Privacy Policy

We are humans, and we respect that you might be as well and so we care about your privacy. The paranoia is real, but we are one step ahead.

Here are the things you need to know:

  • We are using Google Sites to design and host this website. Hence, they can access your device type, browser, Rough Location, IP Address and other non Personally Identifiable Information. By using Google Sites there may also be a * 3rd party cookie used to track their internal stats. By using our website you agree to their privacy policy. Google Fonts is also used.

  • We do not explicitly collect name, email ID, or any other personal details. You can contact us by manually emailing to

  • If you donate to any of crypto addresses then, the exchanges might collect info, and due to the nature of crypto, it could be publicly searchable (no PII).

  • We also use Google Analytics to track basic usage stats and get rough idea about our visitors. We do not use this to serve targeted ads or any such thing. Still, we do use Google Analytics and it does store Cookies (although first party ones). You can opt-out of Google Analytics across browser by following instructions given here.

  • We also use for displaying interactive graphs and use their CDN to load script (no cookies are used). You can find their privacy policy here.

  • Custom scripts to render the graphs are loaded from Netlify.

  • We also use GDPR friendly analytics tool - Umami Analytics. No PII is collected and data is stored on Oracle Cloud servers in Switzerland. Privacy policy. You can view the tracking script here. Although this just runs in a sandboxed frame, so it won't even track you from one page to another.

  • JavaScript is necessary to properly use this website. Without it, the website is responsive and is rendered, but to view and interact with graphs, enabling JavaScript is required.

  • If you post comment on the website (you can post anonymous comments too) then (if signed up) we collect your email address. This will not be used to send you any emails unless you explicitely state to get comment notifications. All comments are self hosted by us on Oracle Cloud. The comments (and metadata) will be retained indefinitely for administrivate and legal reasons.

Now that was a mouthful, but if your insatiable quest or thirst to stalk by the means of asking more queries remains unquenched, then pull out those communication skills of yours and hook us up by writing a draft that concisely captures your doubts and mail us at and we might come back to you before Elon wakes up to poke the Doge beast again. Imagine Elon reading this... meh, dreams...